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About DCA

Dominion Christian Academy International School is a world-class global school offering formal American and British curricula, as well as Singapore mathematics. The combination of these curricula along with global best practices in delivery methods and programs provides a holistic education experience focused on the development, success, and authenticity of the whole child. Our Senior Leadership team offers more than 3 decades of experience across 3 continents. Our teaching staff are passionate, well-qualified, and experienced locally and internationally to bring the world into the hands of each student without ever leaving Accra. 

Catering to ages 3 months through Senior High, we are a multi-cultural education hub raising a generation who not only have knowledge, but know what to do with their knowledge and are equipped with the necessary skills, tools, and mindset to put their knowledge into application. Our students are not only knowers, but are equally doers! This is the aim of every parent when enrolling their child in school. 

We believe all children can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Educate- Engage- Empower


Our Vision

Honoring God in all we do as we strive for excellence in learning and leadership to achieve our dominion mandate.

Our Values

Faith & Endurance
Truth & Justice
Integrity & Respect
Knowledge & Wisdom
Responsibility & Discernment

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Spaces are limited- Reserve your seat!

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