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2 to 5 years

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Learning Program

Our academic program caters to students ages 6 months to 18 years in a Creche through Senior High system divided into four divisions-

Preschool- Creche to PreK 4/5

Primary- Kindergarten to 5th Grade

Junior High- 6th to 8th Grade

Senior High- 9th Grade to 12th Grade

We offer a dual pathway program in Senior High.

The US Diploma Pathway offers the New York State curriculum and is attained through the successful completion of up to 36 credits. Students in this pathway do not write external exams to complete their program, but write PSAT/SAT for college admission requirements. Students receive an American High School Diploma and formal transcript tailored to the requirements of their program of study in university. This pathway provides flexibility in matching courses to student interest and future application. 

The Cambridge Pathway offers IGCSE and A Level programs in a range of subjects. These courses are two-year programs, IGCSE in grades 9 & 10, and A Level in grades 11 & 12. It is highly recommended for students in this pathway to reside in our Boarding Facility to immerse themselves in a continual learning atmosphere to develop the in-depth knowledge required on their external examinations. This pathway offers a formalized standard foundation and is ideal for students who have an idea of what they'd like to pursue in university.

Our SEN (Special Education Needs) inclusion is unmatched and has tremendous results to validate our program. We do not separate students with varied learning needs but maintain a classroom in which all students are presented with information in a way they can receive, understand, digest, and utilize. We have SEN specialists to assist with students as needed, and tailor each program to the individual student and the best methods to help them succeed. Our SEN department includes ESL (English and a Second Language), and neurological support for students with a diagnosis such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, or are on the Autism spectrum. Our department also forms strategies for students with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. 


Bridging the gap between the science of learning, the art of teaching, and the divine purpose of each child.


An inclusive learning environment with experts to help every step of the way

Global Staff & Faculty

Our staff bring the best practices and experience of 10 nations to the classroom

Christian Worldview

"He is before all things, and by Him all things consist."Colossians 1:17

Extra & Co-Curricular


Our extra-curricular programs run after school to permit all students to participate and benefit from the range of activities!

A few of our activities include: 

  • Gardening Club- students learn about landscape design, gardening, and agriculture, and permaculture while beautifying our campus!

  • Sports- football, basketball, field hockey, acrobatics, and more bring health benefits and athletic skills along with teamwork, cooperation, determination, endurance, and self-confidence!

  • Dance- Hip hop, Dance Team, African dance, and ballet help students not only physically but are proven to boost math skills!

  • Debate Club & Student Council offer students a real chance to discuss, analyze, and form leadership skills within a guided context of communication

  • Good News Club digs deeper into the Word for students who want to build a close relationship with God and want to learn about evangelism!


Our co-curricular programs run during the school day and provide students the opportunity to learn about arts, languages, and life skills!

A few of our activities include: 

  • Music- students learn the fundamentals of music and prepare for various performances throughout the year

  • Drama- students learn the fundamentals of acting and stage performance and participate in games to connect with one another, expand their thinking and imaginative skills, and develop speaking skills and confidence.

  • Art- students learn to create with different types of materials and practice various art styles as well as developing their own concepts. All student work is displayed throughout campus in an ongoing exhibition. 

  • College Preparation- this program begins in Jr. High and offers coaching to students as they prepare to select universities and programs of study, assists in applications, entrance exams, Senior High transcripts, letters of recommendation, internship opportunities, scholarship applications, and much more!

  • STEAM- embedded into every core subject and linked to co-curricular subjects, students work on interdisciplinary projects, research, and displays on an annual theme.

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